Teaching Philosophy

As a voice teacher, it is my job to guide the student through a vocal routine that yields a truly efficient sound production. Aspects of that are: great tone quality, ability to sing on pitch, ability to control volume changes in very subtle ways, vocal endurance, to sing text well without compromising quality of sound, to have a profound understanding of the text, to understand how to use the body not fight it, plus, plus, plus!

Great vocal production is not easily achieved. It is an athletic, creative, academic and emotional endeavor, as well as an esthetic one, especially for the opera singer who wishes to achieve complete vocal freedom. Classical singing is, of course, a pre-electronic or pre-amplification technique where the singer is required to fill a hall without electronic enhancement. Even if one is not interested in becoming an opera singer, a certain amount of classical training is the best way to build a sturdy foundation for breath control, endurance, accurate pitch, etc.

Without great technique you cannot sing magnificent phrases and deal with the emotional content of the character. When your technique is truly profound then you know that you can leave the critical state into the artistic state which is another part of the brain. You will be available to go to the creative, emotional intuitive, spiritual side where great art is achieved. In order to sing well, phrase, be free to act, watch the conductor and interact with colleagues, a singer must have all technical challenges conquered. To be a great singer one must be free to be in the moment, to be totally present, free of technical encumbrances.

Most singers work diligently and methodically to achieve a dependable technique. Unfortunately, often they do not have the best information and achieve a poor one. Undoing a faulty technique is laborious and frustrating. I know from personal experience, but that transition is well worth it!

Technique: you cannot get “there” without it. I call it “dirty laundry” because you have got to get it done. It takes patience and diligence to achieve but never abandons you once you have truly acquired it.

I encourage all of my students to stay physically active by engaging in a practice of Pilates, Alexander Technique, or similar. In NYC, I recommend both Gwynne Marshall at Strength in Balance as well as Brooke Lieb.

I invite you to read the testimonials on the website. It is my quest to train a commanding, compelling and important sound and this is the result that I am achieving in my studio.